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Our Facilities. Your Lock & Key. 


At Main Street Storage, we understand how important it is that we keep your belongings safe, secure and temperature controlled. You will be provided with your own passcode and key fob so that you can access your storage day or night, no questions asked.

Convenient Location
Gated, Well Lit & Secure Compound

24 Hour Access

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Automatic Credit Card Payments

Epoxy Sealed Floors

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Why Use Self-Storage Units

Lack of Space

A time comes when you find it difficult to store any more products in your house. Either you have to extend your living space, or should it be said warehousing space, or you will have to make arrangements for storing in some other place than your house. The garage of your house is a convenient place that you must have thought of, but that too after some time gets filled up and you have to really manage the articles to take out and bring in your car. So, what is the solution? The solution lies in self storage units . Yes, these are units away from your home where you can store the articles that you will rarely use or use seasonally.

Safe and Secure

Self storage units provide a safe and secure way to store the articles that you rarely need in a place where they will not interfere with your living space but will be as safe as your house. In fact, it has been seen that the articles, when kept in storing facilities remain better than those stored at home. People use this type of storing in spite of having space in the attic or garage because sometimes the articles need a special environment that is rarely available in any place in the house. 

What Should be Stored?

Some of the most common articles that a person likes to keep in self storage units are furniture, seasonal articles like snow boots, outwear, etc. in summer and the pool equipment in the winter, old toys and articles that have memories attached to them and also other articles which seem to be no longer of use but might prove valuable sometime. Apart from providing a place to store your articles these units also store it safely. You generally need not worry about things like burglary or theft. However, the facility owners ask their clients to insure the precious articles in case of any eventuality. Since the person himself arranges and locks the self storage units , the responsibility lies with him.

Home Business Storage

People having home based business sometimes use the facilities as warehouse for storing their products and this they do because apart from being a well organized system of storing the accessibility is generally twenty four hours and seven days a week. This makes taking out and putting in the articles easy and in turn the sales people who want the goods can be supplied these goods whenever they want. Just imagine the amount of money a regular industrial warehouse would have charged compared to the charges of the self storage units . Moreover, the companies owning the units do not bother whether you are doing business from their premises or storing your household articles as long as they get their rent and you do not store any article that can risk the life and property of the neighbourhood people.

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