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Storage Tips

For Non-Climate Controlled Units

Place pallets or skids on the floor to avoid direct contact of boxes and the floor, especially for clothing. We have pallets available at the back of the lot.

For items that you need to access more often, store them at the front of your container or bay.

During the summer and spring seasons, avoid putting material items in bags or bins. The humidity will cause condensation, which will create mold and mildew.

Leave bags open and stack at a higher point.

Old and used bed sheets, comforters, blankets and towels are great for protecting larger items.

Rubbermaid bins are excellent for moisture-resistant storing. They also will not collapse.

Bowls, plates, and other dishes should be wrapped individually before boxed.

Use similar-sized boxes to take advantage of all space.

Important items are best put in boxes or wrapped to protect.

Use smaller boxes or containers for books, as they are very heavy.

Avoid leaning furniture against outside walls due to condensation.

Space-wise, you should disassemble any furniture you can.

When wrapping beds and sofas, try to store them on their side, leaving the top and sides unsealed.

Never store food or drink, as it will attract unwanted pests.

Labeling boxes will make access easier.

Wrap wooden furniture with packing paper or stretch wrap to protect from scratching.

If storing large appliances, be sure they are all free of moisture such as frost from freezers and water from washing appliances. 

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